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How to use Otso app

You can access the student’s audio material for selected books free of charge with Otso application. You can download the Otso application from Play store/ App store. Once you have downloaded the app, you can search the book and add it to your library. You can access the contents by scanning the pages of the printed textbook. The application asks for permission to use the camera whilst using the app, but only when you search for the specific page, which is marked to include audio/video material.

Problems with scanning?

Otso is based on image recognition technology. If a page has custom markup or clear elements that are not easily recognisable to the application, Otso may not be able to recognise the page. This is a case-specific issue, and page recognition is also affected by the device used, lighting and the straightness of the page.

If you are having problems scanning pages, please note the following:

  • The camera may be too close/at a bad angle and therefore the page cannot be scanned (point the camera directly from the top towards the page).
  • First, move the device away from the page to be scanned. Then move the device towards the page as slowly and steadily as possible.
  • There may be a delay in scanning (1-5 seconds), so wait patiently for a moment.
  • Lighting affects performance, so if the light is dim, the camera will not recognise the image that well. We recommend using Otso in good lighting conditions, e.g. under a reading lamp.
  • The book’s opening should be as smooth as possible.
  • Images on the page following the page being scanned can hinder recognition: in this case, you can try folding the book so that only the page being scanned is against the table. You can also put a white paper underneath the scanned page.

Network connections also have an impact on performance.

Problems with audio?

If you have an iPhone, please make sure your phone isn’t in ”silent mode” when you are using the app, otherwise you can’t hear the audio.