Academic and Professional English

Academic and Professional EnglishReading, Writing and Spoken Communication

Teija Perttila-Glencairn

An inspirational and motivating language tool that combines academic learning and stimulating study in intriguing ways. Skill-based learning strategies and specific language exercises together support effective acquisition of academic and professional English.

This Reading, Writing and Spoken Communication -textbook in Academic and Professional English is a comprehensive language course in itself, designed to promote skills and abilities in both academic contexts and professional environments. The inspiring, thought-provoking texts act as springboards into reading comprehension activities, reading skills development, vocabulary expansion, grammar analysis, writing practice, and verbal communication in the form of discussion and presentations.

Following a theory section for Reading, Writing, and Spoken Communication respectively each text is accompanied by tailor-made, relevant exercises to provide language resources essential for both college students and working professionals. Strategies to read more quickly, develop a professional word bank, write more effectively and become a powerful conversationalist form the backbone of this textbook, ideal for either coursework or self-study.

Supporting exercises for each Text:

  • Pre-reading questions guide the reader into the topic.
  • Skimming questions help the reader to achieve an overall preliminary idea of the text.
  • Content questions focus on thorough reading comprehension.
  • Vocabulary and Grammar section teaches the reader to use context in learning.
  • Paraphrasing develops thinking processes combined with vocabulary use.
  • Summary writing requires the reader to identify main points in written form.
  • Discussion questions promote interaction and sharing inspired by the texts.
  • Writing assignment encourages the reader to further expansion of the topic.

A comprehensive Answer key is included.

B2-tasolle sijoittuva oppikirja sopii sekä itseopiskeluun että yliopistojen ja yritysten kielikoulutukseen.



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