We publish language learning materials for adult learners

We produce both printed and digital learning materials. Our product range includes materials for almost all the languages taught at adult education centers in Finland as well as a few materials for vocational education. Our materials are also suitable for use in language teaching at higher education institutions and academic training centers.

Finnish as a Second Language Materials

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Suomen mestari

Suomi toisena kielenä


Sun suomi

Suomi toisena kielenä

Yksittäinen julkaisu

Oma suomi

Suomi toisena kielenä


No niin!

Suomi toisena kielenä


From Start to Finnish

Suomi toisena kielenä

Yksittäinen julkaisu


Suomi toisena kielenä


Finn Lectura online store

All Finn Lectura printed and digital materials are available at our online store. In order to place an order in the online store, all educational institutions need a username and password. Private customers can order without registering.

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For students

Opiskelijan digipiste

If you are a student, you can use all the Finn Lectura digital materials through Opiskelijan digipiste.

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For teachers

Opettajan digipiste

If you are a teacher, you can use all the Finn Lectura digital materials through Opettajan digipiste, whether acquired by your educational institution or by yourself.

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Contact Information

Finn Lectura Customer Service

Tel. +358 74151 005 (mobile call charge/ local network charge, incl. waiting time)
Open Mon to Fri 8.00–16.00

Enquiries about Finn Lectura learning materials and helpdesk for Opettajan digipiste and Opiskelijan digipiste.

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Orders and order enquiries

Kirjavälitys Ltd
Tel. +358 10 345 1580
Open Mon to Fri 8.00–16.00

Kirjavälitys eHelpDesk

Tel. +358 10 345 1550
Open Mon to Fri 7.30–20.30

Technical helpdesk for students using digital books and Opiskelijan digipiste.

Invoicing addresses and online invoices

Online invoices (OVT identifier): 003715645960
Operator: Basware Ltd
(operator identifier BAWCFI22)

Invoices by email (in PDF format only):

Address for paper invoices:
Kustannusosakeyhtiö Otava / Finn Lectura
PB 296

Business identity code (Y code): 1564596-0

Otava Bookstore

Uudenmaankatu 10
00120 Helsinki, Finland
Tel. +358 50 310 0586

Finn Lectura learning materials also for sale at Otava Bookstore.